McLaren Greater Lansing Offers Virtual View of New Hospital

The only shovels that have hit the dirt for McLaren Greater Lansing’s new hospital have been for the ceremonial ground-breaking. But that doesn’t mean you can’t see progress.

Engineers are using virtual reality (VR) to get an up-close look at the hospital. Digital renderings have been created to give experts a high-tech view of what some parts of the hospital will look like after completion to better understand its internal infrastructure.

Traditional mechanical, electrical and plumbing coordination models include three-dimensional elements that can be viewed from a computer screen, but contractors are now using Microsoft’s VR glasses, HoloLens, to get a more realistic look at where each of the building’s systems will go.

“You’re really immersing yourself in it,” said Austin Holcomb, director of facilities for McLaren Greater Lansing. “We can walk through the model and see the piping clearances, locations of valves and other key information instead of just seeing it on a computer screen.”

The technology is also going to be used in other parts of design and construction of the new South Lansing hospital as the project moves forward.

“We’ll use the same three-dimensional glasses as we work on patient rooms and other spaces,” Holcomb said. “We can bring a doctor or nurse in and they can put the glasses on and walk through the space to see where items will be within a room and provide feedback.”

The new Lansing campus is expected to open its doors in early 2022.


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