Wasted time on needless emails and information

For most employees, time is of the essence when fighting deadlines and expectations. That’s why it is important to have time-management skills that help employees efficiently manage their duties.

A recent study by the OTRS Group says employees spend a large part of their working day on administrative activities without being able to fully devote themselves to their core tasks.

Eighty-two percent use half an hour daily to search for information they need to accomplish their work. Over 23 percent need more than two hours a day for that task.

 Email seems to be the culprit when it comes to losing valuable time. Over 32 percent reported they need an average of an hour a day to sort through their email, which prevents workers from completing tasks, or assignments  are pushed back or forgotten altogether.

Twenty-four percent also claim the emails are often irrelevant to their completing their tasks.

Another time thief involves IT problems preventing efficient work habits, according to the study. Over 22 percent of those surveyed said they lose one to two hours daily because of IT issues.

Among the recommendations from OTRS are:

  • Create dedicated time blocks to process your email to avoid distractions from core tasks.
  • Have a template with frequently needed answers or phrases to save time while responding.
  • Implement an email ticketing system to add structure and tracking to communication.
  • Provide self-help IT tools to employees.
  • Make IT help more accessible to employees with direct lines to IT chat or emails.

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