Catching more flies in your website

Oh, what a tangled web we weave …

Let’s face it, the web can be a knotted mess of noise, confusion and cacophony, so how do you make your business stand out among so many distractions?

While your brick-and-mortar business provides the door to the street, your business website provides the door to the world. Making it as attractive and appealing to potential consumers is a must in today’s competitive marketplace. The best websites have a number of aspects in common, but many agree that the following are some of the most basic fundamentals.

  • A strong brand:For many visitors, a website is their first introduction to a company and its products. First impressions are always important, but never quite as extremely important as in the fickle world of the web. A good first impression is going to welcome visitors instead of making them want to take flight. Good branding considers everything from layout and clarity to color and typeface. No detail is too small, so put in the work.
  • An engaging experience:You want your website to appeal to visitors without hitting them over the head. The Nielsen Norman Group consulting firm placed the average length of a webpage visit at less than a minute – meaning no one is going to be scrolling through boatloads of information. Keep your pages clean, clear and concise.
  • Mobile capability: We live in a world on the go. Much, if not most, of your website visits will come from a mobile device. Responsive web design renders webpages on devices with a variety of screen sizes. The inability of your website to adapt to smaller screens makes it more difficult to navigate. The end result of that is a lessening of viewer interest or patience and, ultimately, a loss of potential revenue.



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