Strategist Shares 7 Secret Weapons for Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurs plan on success when starting a business and should be armed with techniques and tools to combat adversity and overcome challenges that get in the way.

Social media guru Rachel Strella has penned “7 Secret Weapons for Entrepreneurial Success” to help guide entrepreneurs on their journey.

Below are some of the tools and techniques listed by Strella:

  1. Stay centered by upholding your core values. Your company’s core values are the heart of your business, and you should use them as guideposts to keep you on the right path. Sometimes, potential customers or existing clients might request you to change your processes or provide services in a way that does not align with your core values. Altering your M.O. for one customer, unless there’s a very distinct advantage in doing so, could have a snowball effect.
  2. Spend time “on” not just “in” your business. Many business owners get so wrapped up in doing the work — i.e., “working in” their business — that they neglect “working on” their business. That’s unfortunate because planning is integral to business success.
  3. Exercise patience and persistence when landing those “big fish.” You cannot force trust. Sometimes it can require months — or even longer — of relationship-building to acquire major clients with large-scale revenue possibilities.
  4. Put laser focus on running your own race rather than dwelling on where your competition is placing. Awareness of your competition is healthy, but don’t let it distract you from developing your business and delivering excellence to your customers. Your company has unique qualities and strengths, and nurturing those characteristics will serve your brand better than trying to emulate a competitor.
  5. Create content that continually builds your brand reputation.Content doesn’t have to “go viral” to benefit your business. However, it does need to be relevant and deliver something of value to your audience. If you create quality content consistently and share it through your blog, social media channels and email, over time you will see sustainable results.
  6. Set clear expectations to facilitate desired results. Without a clear definition of desired outcomes, how can you know if your business’ efforts are meeting your customers’ needs? Without that clarity, how can you determine the strategies and tactics you must use?
  7. Accept that there are no shortcuts. Success requires sweat. We live in a magic pill society. We want results, and we want them now (and sometimes even yesterday). If you want a profitable business, you need to work for it. There will be long hours, sweat and tears.

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