The seasonal changes are often obvious, but one tell-tale sign of an approaching fall is seeing students going back to school. Whether they are moving into dorms, new off-campus housing or commuting while living at home, there is excitement in the air as college students reach for their education dreams.

Lansing Community College (LCC) has a goal of helping students reach their objectives and has created a new initiative called LCC Cares. The college has mobilized to provide embedded academic support, which means LCC is looking at the wraparound support that can help a student achieve his or her career ambitions. That includes the recent hiring of success coaches to work directly with students.

 “Too Many of our students sit in classrooms and because they are struggling with food insecurities, they are hungry,” said LCC Foundation Executive Director Dan McKean. “Many students who would otherwise be successful face transportation issues as well. The foundation is addressing these needs by providing food cards for on-campus dining, CATA bus passes for those with transportation needs and funds to address emergency needs as well.”

McKean said that LCC wants students to be successful, but the college is well-aware many students face economic challenges. Some are single parents, others are working part-time and full-time jobs on top of completing their educational requirements.

“This is an important initiative for the community, because we all benefit when we invest in the education that helps individuals, but also supports a highly skilled workforce and economic prosperity for the region,” McKean said.

The community has been helpful with donations to food banks, shelters and outreach programs. McKean said LCC’s success coaches work to refer students to those agencies, but the school needs the generosity of the community to help LCC support the emergency food, transportation and emergency needs of students who are enrolled. Donations for those specific needs are encouraged and appreciated.

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