Key findings in “Committed to Savings: Major U.S. Manufacturers Set Public Goals for Energy Efficiency,” show 43 percent of the biggest manufacturers in the county have established solid targets to decrease their energy use. 69 percent have set large-scale goals to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The findings released by the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency (The Alliance), covers a wide range of industries from aerospace and defense to food, beverages and tobacco, as well as those in healthcare, household products, apparel, chemicals, technology and automotive sectors.

The Alliance studied 160 of the nation’s biggest companies with a combined 2,100 manufacturing facilities in the U.S. – that includes 81 facilities in Michigan.

The companies that are working toward these public energy efficiency targets nationwide, with the largest focus in the areas of Texas and California, followed by Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.Michigan ranks seventh among all states in its number of facilities with energy-savings goals.

“By adopting goals to increase energy efficiency and making those goals public, companies demonstrate a commitment to controlling costs and reducing climate risk. These goals and commitments are of increasing interest to investors,” said Kristina Friedman, Vice President at Calvert Research and Management.

According to a 2015 Department of Energy report to Congress, some of the barriers to industrial end-use energy efficiency are provisions that weaken utility industrial efficiency programs by creating special exemptions for large energy users (“opt-outs”). In the end, companies that don’t set energy efficiency targets because of these barriers miss out on big savings and could fall behind competitors. The analysis suggests that states and utilities need to be part of the solution to help manufacturers become more efficient.

“State governments should help manufacturers become more energy efficient,” said Jennifer Kefer, Executive Director for the Alliance for Industrial Efficiency. “When companies reduce their energy use, it makes them more competitive, creates job opportunities and lowers utility bills for all consumers.”

The full report and company case studies are available at http://bit.ly/AllianceEEreport.



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