In 2017, Granger Construction (Granger) offered over 560 learning opportunities to its employees. It also recorded more than 3,800 hours of actual learning for Granger employees; that’s an average of about 28 hours per full-time employee. This commitment recently helped Granger earn recognition with the 2017 Cornerstone Award and 2017 Keystone Award for Excellence in HR development and training programs, by the Associated General Contractors of Michigan.

Granger’s 2017 learning goals focused on leadership, internal systems and processes and company-wide strategy. The company increased its headcount by nearly 20 percent throughout the year.

“We are thrilled that Granger attracted so much talent in 2017,” said Matt Bozung, HR representative. “Whether our employees are just beginning their career or have worked at our company for a while, it is important that we provide them with the tools needed to be successful at their jobs and leaders within the industry. We’ve worked hard to develop programs that suit the needs of our employees and go beyond basic office training.”

Employees also benefit from numerous IT training sessions, program tutorials and goupthink workshops. These training systems have proven successful on the job site, and many organizations have offered positive reviews about Granger-led projects.

Granger’s most dynamic offering is the Dale Carnegie Leadership fitness class, where employees develop confidence, stress management and general communication skills through participation.

“This class was one of the greatest experiences I’ve had at Granger,” said Visual Design Coordinator Erica Ross. “The class required us to dig deep personally, and sometimes things were difficult to share or challenges were nerve-wracking to overcome. But, I feel a special bond with the other participants in this class, and I feel more confident in my abilities as a leader after participating in this course.”


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