Schor Style Makes its Debut at Lansing Brewing Company

The Lansing Brewing Company (LBC) started a tradition with an IPA beer named for then-Mayor of Lansing, Virg Bernero: the “Angry Mayor.” It quickly became the brewery’s most popular beer. And while the Angry Mayor will continue to flow, the LBC has added a new brew to honor Andy Schor, Lansing’s new mayor. 

“We are proud to be a local brewery that serves beer to those that continue to build Lansing. It is our privilege to honor leaders like Mayor Schor, who oversee the future of our city, and what better way to do it than with a good brew,” said LBC Owner Jen Gilliespie.

Schor’s beer has been named “Schor Style.” It made its debut on Jan. 9, just days after his inauguration.

The beer has been described as a slight stretch from the classic American Cream Ale: mild and light-bodied with a delicate graininess and just a little extra “pop,” from the hops.

LBC’s Head Brewer Sawyer Stevens said the beer was chosen to represent the mayor because it is approachable to a wide array of people, with its lower alcohol content and grainy, yet delicate malt. “It is also uniquely dry hopped, which is a little stretch from the true-to-style ales but adds another layer that drinkers will surely enjoy,” said Stevens.

The creative narrative for the Schor-style beer reads: “Our new mayor appears to be a conventional choice in an unconventional time. But, if you pull at the collar of Mr. Nice Guy’s button-down, you will find a ninja that rises and strikes when you least expect it. Kapow! Who’s your mayor? Knocking back a Schor Style or two, it is clear that underneath the benign demeanor is a complex brew. Think Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne after they flip the switch and jump into their man tights. Boom! Holy craft beer, Batman!”

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