Keeping products and services local is a win-win for the economy, but it’s not as cut and dry as it appears on the surface. The convenience found from online shopping and vendors — with everything in one place and lower prices competing against household names — is one of the biggest walls yet to be tackled by small business owners.

These companies can do very well but the costs of running a business, coupled with the tough competition of box store brands, often cause an entrepreneur to give up on a lifelong dream. It’s hard to let go and buy local with so much brand comfort, but how can the community help? Lisa Diggs, founder of Buy Michigan Now, has an idea.

“If every Michigan household shifted just $10 of our weekly spending, collectively we would put $38 Million a week back into our local economy. That’s over $1.9 Billion a year,” said Diggs, whose campaign has been going on for over 10 years. “Our mission is to help create and maintain jobs across the state and to inspire people to become positive ambassadors for Michigan. We can all play a role in enhancing Michigan’s economy and image by paying attention to where our dollars go and what we say or share about the state and its cities.”

While the benefits keeping dollars local are clear, there’s still much work to be done to get the message out and delivered sharply.

“The better they do, the more they can put back into the community. They also put back more in taxes, which helps the community as a whole as well. The biggest reason of all, though, is that it helps create and maintain jobs,” said Diggs. “Think of every dollar you spend as a vote cast toward something you believe in, like in this case, the betterment of your own community.”

For more information, visit buymichigannow.com



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