Lansing Community College (LCC), has made some exciting changes to campus. The project has several goals including wayfinding. Wayfinding helps visitors to campus and students connect to the destinations and events that make LCC unique. The college has brought three new additions to campus this week to help light the way.

For example, the new “Swoosh” art on the west side of the Dart Auditorium building that rests high on the face of the building. For now, the art is best seen during daylight, but there are plans to light the art in 2018. The goal of the art is intended to give the building new energy in a way that is consistent with the activities in the building; largely performing arts.

Visitors to campus will also notice a new kiosk in the center of campus near the main entrance to the Gannon Building, adjacent to Guitar Plaza. The kiosk stands out after dark or on cloudy days. Brent Knight, president of LCC, says the kiosk is about “place making for the campus; a college like no other. In addition, it is an effort to be inclusive of all peoples, languages and cultures.” Knight points out there are different alphabets’ letters from languages used around the globe, with word choices that are meant to be inclusive. The kiosk was installed by college electrician Lee Powers along with lead carpenter Brad Latuszek.

The third addition is the lighted clock on Granger Tower. The clock currently plays one of 10 holiday songs, selected at random, every 15 minutes.

The staff at LCC is proud of the additions – “We are especially proud of the kiosk as it began with an idea and our village, within the college,” said Knight. “We did the design with our staff, decided on the words, alphabets, etc. Also, college personnel designed and installed the lighting within the kiosk which is somewhat complicated.” The projects were supervised by Tim Martz, director of Facilities.



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