McLaren Greater Lansing begins partnership with MSU Alumni Association’s Sparty Mascot Program

McLaren Greater Lansing has teamed up with the MSU Alumni Association in an effort to show local children that their healthy choices can help them grow up to be like the strong and iconic MSU mascot Sparty. The partnership will allow the association to use Sparty’s image, likeness and brand with more events. The self-funded Sparty Mascot Program takes special training to run effectively at a college level.

“We quickly realized the only way we were going to be able to grow the program is to find companies that we could partner with to help support Sparty,” said Clint Stevens, director of the Sparty Mascot Program.

The Alumni Association would like to have Sparty at as many events in the community as possible, but the mascot’s popularity and busy schedule means Sparty simply can’t be everywhere.
Director, Sales & Sponsorships for the MSU Alumni Association, Peter H. Delong said, “We wanted to find a way to bring Sparty to community events even if he couldn’t physically be there, and that is how we came up with the Sparty Growth Chart idea.”

Sparty growth charts will be distributed to over 30,000 children in the course of the 3-year planned partnership with McLaren Greater Lansing and the MSU Alumni Association. The growth charts will be handed out at the hospital, as well as various events on the MSU campus.

“The Sparty growth charts have been very well received in the community and in the hospital,” said Tom Mee, CEO at McClaren Greater Lansing.

Can’t wait for Sparty’s next apperance? Stop by McLaren Greater Lansing Okemos Community Center, located at 2014 Jolly Road, Suite 240 in Okemos, to pick up a copy of the Sparty Growth Chart.



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