Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope has determined there are not enough valid signatures on the referendum petition for the repeal or submission to the voters of the recently passed Medical Marijuana Ordinance.

The final count on the number of valid signatures was 3,899, an insufficient number per requirement of 5 percent of the registered city voters. Since the submitted petition did not include enough valid signatures, the new ordinance is now in effect per the City Charter.

Many signatures were found invalid for reasons including: individual signers who listed addresses outside the city of Lansing, voters signing the petition more than once and out-of-state circulators who failed to complete designated certificates correctly. Petition organizers will have ten additional days to submit additional petitions.

“I look forward to moving this process forward,” Swope said. “For the medical marijuana licenses that do not have to be scored, we can move quickly to reduce possible disruption in access and create jobs in the city. For the provisioning centers, we want to be quick, but more importantly, we want to get it right.”

The office of the City Attorney provided the City Clerk with the opinion that the language of the petition could also be considered improper; Swope resolved that those legal concerns were not a compelling enough reason for him to disqualify the petition.

All applications except provisioning are now being accepted. The Provisioning Center application acceptance period will not be set until the scoring criteria are completed, to safeguard a fair process for each applicant.



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