What Midwest Communication’s Programming Remix Means For Your Business

Meet Lansing’s new home for the hits

Midwest Communications, Inc. just made a major change – announced just two days prior to the big switch, FM 92.9 WLMI is officially “i-92.9 Lansing’s New Hits” as of Wednesday April 26.

“The opportunity to deliver an exciting current driven Contemporary Hits Radio to the Lansing market is one we couldn’t avoid” said Vice President of Programming, Jeff McCarthy. “i-92.9 is poised to seize that opportunity, satisfying both listeners and clients.”

i-92.9 is kicking off it’s frequency overhaul by launching with over 5,000 songs in a row, all commercial free. When the party is over, the after party begins, as the station will introduce a host of new personalities to the region via The Bert Show, Zach Sang & the Gang and more.

The introduction of a new, revamped station will mean new opportunities for advertisers, community partners and more. As these fresh programs are introduced to their new audience, new clusters of demographically-based opportunities arise. Radio continues to be a prominent tool in the arsenal of businesses and brands looking to push their image, happenings and promotions to the masses.

While modern radio promotion is different from years prior, it still manages to remain a practical and integral role in communities across the nation. A contributor to the local economy, radio is the second-most powerful medium in the U.S., reaching 59 percent of the country’s population each day. Never doubt the effectiveness of this 100-year-old industry that never fails at keeping with the times.



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