Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center Begins Phase II of Campus Developments and Celebrates 20 Years

Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center broke ground on April 18th for its $1.5 million expansion and celebrated its twenty year anniversary. Through a partnership of Michigan State University and Peckham, Inc., Origami opened its doors in April 1997. Michigan State University saw a need in the community for residential brain injury rehabilitation and partnered with Peckham, Inc. to fill that gap.

Founding members, former leadership and community leaders were present to celebrate this momentous occasion. “Today we celebrated all we have accomplished over the past twenty years and launched phase 2 of Origami’s 5-phase plan,” said Tammy Hannah, Executive Director of Origami. Phase II will create therapeutic green space in the center of campus for clients, families and employees and lays the foundation to our future growth. “While we forge ahead in our 5-phase plan, we remain flexible in seeking new opportunities and making adjustments along the way that best meet the needs of those we serve and our employees,” said Hannah.

Origami has grown into a multi-million dollar organization and over 100 employees. “The expansion allows Origami to further advance as Mid-Michigan’s leading expert in brain injury Rehabilitation” says Yvonne Fleener, Business Development Manager of Origami. “In addition, Origami continues to contribute to the growth and sustainability of this community.”

Origami is a nonprofit organization located on a 35 acre wooded campus in Mason, just outside of Lansing. The facility offers a continuum of care for individuals who have sustained a brain injury, from residential to community-based and outpatient programs with the resources available to return people to productive and active lives. Origami operates in partnership with the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and Peckham, Inc. With the support of these partners, Origami generates excellent clinical outcomes with cost effective management and remains on the cutting edge of brain injury rehabilitation.

Brain injuries can be mild to severe and often corresponds with a temporary loss of consciousness and impacts to brain function such as memory loss. The injury may also affect a person’s physical functioning, thinking skills, and behavior. These effects can manifest themselves in other difficulties as well, like anxiety, depression, dizziness, headaches, inability to start or finish tasks or trouble sleeping, all of which can bring about challenges with relationships both in the home and on the job. Individuals with loved ones who were involved in an accident or hit their head and show the signs of a brain injury are advised to seek medical attention immediately.
To learn more about the services available at Origami please call (517) 455-0264. Additional information about Origami can be found online at www.OrigamiRehab.org.



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