MSU’s $69M Bio Engineering Building: Fuel by Dreamers

The University’s new department aims to lead the charge for innovative medicine and bio engineering

Michigan State University (MSU) is take a long hard look at its position to be more than just an educator in the world of medicine and bio research. In an effort to position itself as a leader in the world of bio medicine, the university has finally unveiled the product of a 3 year development period for the new campus landmark.

img_6672With a team of dreamers, led by former Stanford researcher Dr. Christopher Contag, Michigan State is embarking on what may be one of its most optimistic and unknown endeavor yet. While looking to make an impact on the world, MSU unveiled its new $69 million Bio Engineering Building.

The new building is situated amongst the Bott Nursing Education and Research building, Clinical Center and Engineering Research Complex along Service Drive. The impressive 130,000 square foot structure houses research space for a range of disciplines, including computational genomics, nanotechnology, robotics, tissue engineering and imaging, amongst others. The laboratory space is designed to facilitate wet bench experimentation and computational analysis for systematic research.

The design of the new structure is a marvel within itself and an img_6654extension of the modern architecture that has been brought to campus in the past few years. Like the eye catching Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum before it, Integrated Design Solutions was contracted to design. The building is comprised of primarily stainless steel and glass architecture and accenting with modernistic designed furniture and office ware throughout.

The unveiling of the completed facility comes alongside the introduction of the university’s new research initiative and program known as the Institute for Quantitative Health Sciences and Engineering or as the university calls it in short, “IQ”. In an address to the attendees, Contag stressed the importance of the new program, saying the true reason for the day’s ceremony was to celebrate the IQ program and the vision that created it.

img_6675After an extraneous process to obtain Contag, the Board of Trustees for the project have approved the researcher to begin his role as head of new the new IQ program. Some 50 workers, the majority being recruits throughout the nation, will work alongside Contag in the new facility, where researchers will focus on developing new methods to combat deadly diseases and other illness.

Researchers across a variety of disciplines will be brought together under a single roof to tackle a variety of issues, but the projects main focus remains to be determined as the university simply has so much they anticipate attempting.

“This reality and IQ are going to create the future. IQ will be a special place for really amazing scientists,” said Contag during his address to the public. “When I look at this building I see a future for young scientists. I see solutions for unsolved mysteries. I see pathways to healthier lives and I see an embodiment of division that these leader sitting here were bold enough to dream.”

The new building was remake red by many as only being img_6674possible thanks in part to being a dreamer. Dreaming is what the university will help it to reach new heights in areas of science surrounding cures for cancer, tissue development and more. Contag and Simon went on to say that while their plans sound like science fiction that are not unobtainable prospects of the future.

“This began with everyone having huge aspirations and an understanding that we had to do something different with this era of biology,” said Lou Anne Simon, President of Michigan State University. “The role of IQ, the role of this building, is a symbol not simply a space. It is a symbol of collaboration across the campus, across the state, with all of our partner across the world.”

This emphasis on connection is something that Simon believes will empower the facility to become a leader and that the success it hopes to have in innovation rely solely on the connections they create through bother intellectual partnerships and progress within the fields they embark. What’s for sure is that there is much excitement to be had for the promising new endeavor on a global scale.

Photos by Erika Hodges

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