Chick-fil-A Opens Michigan’s First Stand-Alone Restaurant in Lansing

The highly anticipated opening of Michigan-based Chick-fil-A locations begins 1with Lansing on Oct. 13. Located at 5617 W. Saginaw Hwy, just across from the Lansing Mall, franchise owner Kate McNerney will launch the first stand-alone location in the state. Previously, the brand’s only location was that of a limited version of the restaurant inside of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport and on campus at Oakland University. The establishment will aim to bring 100 new jobs to the area.

2The award-winning eatery, known for their customer service and dedication to providing freshly prepared meals will be launching the new location with a special opportunity for its most dedicated fans. The first 100 adults in line on opening day will receive a digital offer card that is preloaded with free meals for a year. To commemorate the event and build a relationship with its new community, the restaurant will be hosting a “First 100” party. The family friendly event is expected to pop-up in the parking lot and go from 6 a.m. Wednesday when lines open, to 6 a.m. on Thursday when doors open officially. Brand officials are expecting some 600 people to arrive in an attempt to be one of the first 100.

In addition to the nearly $27 million dollars in free food the brand gives away annually with its signature opening events, they also look for other opportunities to impact the area around them. McNerney will be collecting new and gently used children’s books between 6:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Lansing.

“My team members and I are thrilled to open Michigan’s first Chick-fil-A location and can’t wait to welcome our guests to our Lansing restaurant,” said McNerney. “We’re not just in the chicken business – we’re in the people business. Our goal is to provide a remarkable experience for every customer, every time, by serving food our guests can truly feel good about eating, providing sincere hospitality and being a good neighbor.”

The donated books will be placed in a 3ft. Book House that will act as a free exchange library. The book house is an extension of previous efforts that Chick-fil-A has provided to other communities in which it resides, and they will be donating the Book House, crafted of reclaimed wood. Since 2014, Chick-fil-A’s efforts have amassed to an impressive 21,500 donated books which benefit roughly 132 local organizations across 37 states.

The Lansing Chick-fil-A is one of 15 to 20 locations the brand aims to open over the 4next five years. The opening will be followed by a second opening in just four hours later at Troy’s Somerset Collection and another local location in Okemos in the coming year. Additional locations are under construction in Gaines Township, Portage and Wyoming – all of which are slated to open in early 2017.





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Adam Lansdell

Adam Lansdell

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