Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center Hosts Ribbon Cutting to Celebrate New Developments

On Thursday August 11th, Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center held a ribbon cutting for its new living center. Tammy Hannah, the executive director, and her staff cut the ribbon in front of their refurbished building located at 3181 Sandhill Rd, Mason.

IMG_0004“This is phase one,” said Hannah. “Origami is working to take the lead in treating brain injury in the Lansing area.”

The new facilities include a new living section for patients to stay in, as well as a new building for physical therapy and offices. This includes a full physical therapy center with tests for motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This building also boasts a car simulator with pedals and a shifter.

Origami started in 1997 with one home, helping people with brain injury to improve their lives. Since then, they have continued to expand and now have 35 acres of land.

“Your brain tells your body to do everything and if you injure it, it can be a really difficult problem,” says Hannah. “No two brain injuries are alike and IMG_9990it can happen to anybody. When people have this complicated of a problem, they need to go to an expert.”

Origami has residential, outpatient and community-based programs, as well as having full care service for all of their patients.

Origami helps a wide range of patients with a wide range of conditions. From concussions to severe brain injury, patients are offered a variety of services, including a visit for an evaluation or staying long term. Origami deals with the entire spectrum of brain injury.

“We deal with people around 15 years of age and up for concussions,” said Hannah. “Some people live at our facility because of the level of help they need. Otherwise, we help people get back to work, get back to driving and get back home.”








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