New Lansing Business Overview

Chick-Fil-A is a southern favorite when it comes to fast food options, but what if the Atlanta-based chain had a branch based in Lansing? If the idea of it makes you crave some chicken, you might be in luck. Check back later this week for details on the restaurant’s opening.

Today, it seems like there are millions of choices and brands for almost everything. When it comes to banking, the Lansing area tends to lean on credit unions, from personal financing to funding a small start up business. Lake Trust is one of those credit unions. With a plethora of branches across the state and more than 165,000 members, Lake Trust is the sixth largest credit union in the state. If you’re a member at Lake Trust, check back later this week to find out where the new Lansing branch is located and how its new upgrades will help you finance with ease.

In the last decade, the Lansing food scene has worked to expand options for both grocery shopping and restaurants and small shops. For those with a sweet tooth, rejoice! Your day has come, and if you like moist, perfectly cooked and creatively decorated cakes – cupcakes, to be more precise – be sure to visit Michigan’s first branch of the franchise Gigi’s Cupcakes. Head over to our sister publication,, for details on this new business.

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