Governor Rick Snyder to Speak at Lansing Chamber Economic Lunch [Video]

Looking at present-day Michigan, Snyder is adamant that things have changed.

“We should be proud of our success,” said Snyder. “Michigan is the comeback state. In terms of jobs created, 440,000 private sector jobs have been created since 2010. That ranks us sixth in the nation. The unemployment rate has dropped as well, sitting us below the national average.”

Further discussing the present day status of Michigan, Snyder touched on the elephant in the room: the status of Flint.

“Flint was a terrible tragedy and something I take seriously,” said Snyder. “It came down to civil servant mistakes, people that have worked for Michigan for years who simply made poor decisions and didn’t use common sense. I take that personally. Those people work for me.”

Snyder continued to stress how he felt it was his responsibility to step up and help fix the issue.

“What I’m doing is to represent the values I grew up with,” said Snyder. “Shouldn’t you take responsibility? I’m a Michigander and a proud one. That’s what we do. So I’m going to fix it.”

The conversation then moved into a discussion of the state’s infrastructure issues, Detroit Public Schools problems and how Michigan as a whole must come together to fix these issues.

“We as a state must work together to keep things thriving,” said Snyder. “Talent is the thing that will keep the economic comeback rolling. Our future generations are the most important thing to keep here, living and working in the state of Michigan.”

After Snyder spoke to the Econ Club, he gave a private Q&A session to the press. Most of the questions focused on the state of Flint and whether or not Snyder would retire. In response, Snyder adamantly stated it “was his problem to fix” and “is taking every responsibility and step necessary to fix the issue.” 




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