General Overview of 2016 Presidential Front Runners

Two Democratic Party front-runners remain: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton

Age 68, currently leading in the national democratic polls, focuses her campaign on racial equality, women’s rights issues, LGBT rights and disability rights. Formerly serving as Secretary of State, senator, First Lady of the United States and Arkansas, and more, Clinton’s political portfolio is one that stretches back to the ‘70’s. Growing up in Park Ridge, a suburb of Chicago, Clinton was inspired at an early age to fight for social justice. Currently favored by many demographics, white men are currently the only major demographic resisting her campaign. According to the latest democratic poll from Real Clear Politics, Clinton is winning in Arizona by 26 points.

Bernie Sanders

Formerly one of the country’s longest-serving and most established independent politicians in Congress, is the secondary front-runner on the Democratic side. Although formerly identified as an Independent, Sanders (age 74) has been known for his liberal stances on most issues, including, but not limited to: economic equality; health care, and the environment. Although he was born and raised in Brooklyn, Sanders settled in Vermont, where his political career began in 1981 as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont. In the last week, Sanders has led the Democratic polls in only Missouri (+1) and Illinois (+2).

On the Republican Party side, three candidates remain: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich.

John Kasich

Age 63, grew up in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania with a modest upbringing. After graduating at Ohio State University, he went on to become the youngest Ohioan ever to be elected to State Senate at the age of 26. After that, Kasich went on to become a member of congress at age 31, and from there his political career continued to grow. His campaign is heavily focused on improving national security; economic restoration; improving care for people with mental illnesses; aiding the working poor and battling addiction, as well as balancing the federal budget. In the Republican polls from the last week, Kasich only won the state of Ohio.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is an attorney and U.S. senator from Texas, although he was born in Calgary, Canada (although his mother is a U.S. citizen). Cruz is 45, the youngest presidential candidate in the race and is a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law School. Cruz’s campaign has been centered on eliminating Obamacare, Government reform and creating citizenship paths for immigrants. In polls from the last week for the Republican primary, Cruz has come in second place behind Trump in Arizona and California, according to Real Clear Politics.

Donald Trump

What do we not know about Donald Trump already? If you aren’t familiar with his extensive real estate and business empire, his career as a reality T.V. personality in The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, or his personal life – currently married to his third wife and father to five kids – you are now up to speed. The 69 year old billionaire, originally from Queens, New York, is currently leading the Republican party polls, winning Arizona, California, Florida, North Carolina, and Illinois. His campaign is focused on reforming healthcare, international relations, taxes and immigration laws as well as national security.




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