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Weekend Survival Kits Keeping hungry children fed

Most people in the Greater Lansing area probably don’t give a second thought to where their next meal is coming from, however, one out of five children in Michigan leave school on Friday worried about what they will eat during the weekend. Three Rotary clubs in the area have banded together to help keep affected […]

Changing Technology Changes bring challenges for Lansing businesses

Changes in technology have brought many inventions into the world of business since the Michigan State Capitol was relocated to the city of Lansing in 1847. Milestone inventions that have aided the business world were not far behind or ahead of this decision: the typewriter in 1847, the telephone in 1876, the electric light bulb […]

Downtown Lansing Upgrades Aid Revitalization

The downtown section of any town is the heart of the community and the spark that keeps it going; and the capital city is no exception. More than 120,000 residents, workers and tourists visit here every year, so maintaining its vigor and well-being is vital to the state’s economy.  To keep Lansing a dynamic community, […]

The Business of Sports in the Lansing Area

Just about everyone loves sports. Whether they watch or participate, most people aren’t thinking about the economic value. Sports events are more than just a fun way to pass the time; they work as a catalyst to bringing economic development, money and jobs into the Lansing region.  However, sports entities are big businesses, bringing money […]

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