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Developing Michigan’s High-Tech Workforce

The term “robot” conjures up various images, from a helpful device on an assembly line to the sophistication of robotic vacuum cleaners like the Roomba, or the heroic actions of robots like from the TV series “Lost in Space” from the 1960s, or “Star Wars” characters C-3PO and R2-D2. Robots are now intertwined in the […]

Cybercrime Creates Billion Dollar Problems for Consumers

Today’s digital age has brought many benefits when it comes to questions, such as being able to find an answer through Google for just about anything or asking Siri a question right from the phone in your pocket. However, it has also brought specialized criminals into our lives that can steal our money and our […]

Top Job Fields for Michigan Grads in 2018 and Beyond

Hundreds of college students in the Greater Lansing area will graduate during the 2017-18 school year and begin their search for internships and jobs. Some will find success, while others may not get that coveted position immediately. Knowing which markets are doing the most hiring will help area graduates know where to look for employment. […]

Insurance Helps Keep Lansing Businesses, Employees Covered

If you own a business in Lansing, then you need to know the importance of having the proper types and coverage amounts of insurance that will cover your employees, staff and physical properties in case of an accident, health issue, etc.  If you thought your business’ interests could be taken care of with only a […]

Much Ado About Sexual Harassment

Lansing businesses urged to pay attention to how these claims can affect workers and companies Sexual harassment has become a huge topic of interest in the last few months due to accusations against several politicians, TV personalities, comedians and actors. Two recent national surveys show just how vital it is for businesses to pay attention […]

Millennials in Business in 2018

Depending on who you ask, Generation Y — the millennial generation — began as early as 1976 and ended as early as 1994; however, most sources agree they were born from 1980 to about 2000 or shortly afterward. Millennials are the first generation to grow up as babies in a world where they were exposed […]

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