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In Michigan Will Cannabis-infused Drinks Elbow Beer Off the Shelves?

In November, Michigan became the first Midwestern state to legalize the possession of marijuana for recreational use when Proposal 1 was passed with 55 percent of voters in favor. Major players in the fight were Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, which supported the initiative, and Healthy and Productive Michigan, which opposed it.  These two […]

Marketing Agency Owner Helps Businesses Set Themselves Apart

Amy Zander is owner of Zander Management, a local marketing agency that focuses on content creation and social media with an emphasis on brand archetype strategies. She is a firm believer that words matter and works with small to mid-size businesses that generally do not have their own in-house marketing department. Her clients vary in […]

Minimum Wage and Sick Time Initiatives Fair to Workers or Unfair to Employers?

When the Republican-controlled Michigan Legislature voted to adopt measures that would boost the state’s minimum wage, eliminate the tipped minimum wage and require employers to provide paid sick leave, it might have appeared to be a victory for those who support those initiatives. It isn’t that simple, however. Michigan lawmakers adopted the two proposals with […]

Creating a Diversified Workforce

More employers than ever before are becoming aware of the ways a diverse workplace can benefit the bottom line. Employers with a diverse team find that ideas and solutions can be fuller and richer, not to mention more plentiful when they come from a wide range of perspectives and experiences. It’s also good for both […]

International Ambitions

The multinational e-commerce giant eBay is working with Lansing to launch a Retail Revival program. The goal: Help Lansing businesses extend their grasp to include eBay’s global marketplace. The fact that eBay has around 175 million buyers worldwide makes that an extensive reach. Training small business and the entrepreneurial community is key to the program’s […]

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