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Behind the Scenes Catrine and Christina Medawar

Co-owners, Medawar Jewelers Medawar Jewelers has been a mid-Michigan gem for over 40 years.   The family’s introduction to the jewelry business began in 1920 thanks to renowned watchmaker and master craftsman Chakib Medawar. Continuing the legacy, watchmaker and master jeweler Pierre Medawar opened the first Lansing-area store in 1978. Alongside Catrine Medawar, Medawar Jewelers […]

Smart and Fit

Monitors, trackers and apps are helping trainers and their clients get smarter about fitness Technology has taken over most aspects of our lives. It connects us not only with others, but with ourselves in a variety of ways – from our sleeping habits to steps taken throughout the day. Thanks to wearable devices and apps, […]

Mall Stars

New experience-based businesses reinvent and reinvigorate the identity of the local mall Malls are no stranger to changing trends when it comes to fashion. Yet in the last several years, malls have had to keep up not only with the evolving interests and shopping habits of its customers, but an increasing number of national retailers […]

Making the Workforce Puzzle Easier

AcuMax Index helps employers find the perfect fit   It’s a scenario many employers encounter: A candidate looks great on paper, has a wonderful interview and gets the position; however, a few months later, it becomes clear that the person wasn’t actually a great fit for the role and perhaps even the company. On the […]

Made in Michigan

Michigan and manufacturing go hand in hand. While the 20th century was defined by the state’s prowess in the automotive industry, Michigan in the 21st century also is a manufacturing leader in defense, medical devices, cybersecurity, agribusiness and more. According to the Michigan Economic Development Corp., Michigan has the highest concentration of engineers in the […]

All Aboard

School boards and districts across Michigan are getting the support and resources they need from the Michigan Association of School Boards. A school district is at the heart of every community, and its success depends upon the involvement and support of all. Superintendents, administrators, boards and local communities each serve key roles in the functioning […]

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