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Omar Sofradzija

Omar Sofradzija

Omar Sofradzija is an adjunct journalism instructor at Michigan State University. Prior to that, he was a columnist and reporter at the Las Vegas (Nev.) Review-Journal, where he covered the development and launch of that city's Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) bus rapid transit system and the Las Vegas Monorail.

Manufacturing Metropolis

A few years back, as the Great Recession strangled the nation’s economy and forced automotive giants to bankruptcy court, manufacturing in mid-Michigan and throughout the state hit a low point unrivaled since the start of the Industrial Age. Jobs and revenues were lost. Today, that’s history. Manufacturing has rebounded to add jobs, products, stability and […]

McLaren’s $450M Commitment to the Future of Lansing

A state of the art medical center. A magnet to attract and retain the best doctors and specialists. A strengthened bond between a care provider and a research university. Economic development opportunities for South Lansing. Those are just a few of the major benefits expected to result from McLaren Health Care’s (McLaren) plan to build […]

Global Trade: A Key Component to Michigan’s Economy

When traveling abroad, it always helps to have a guide – someone who knows the lay of the land, who can show you around and introduce you to people in the know. It’s as true in business as it is in travel. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) plays the role of tour guide for […]

Where ideas happen

Jen Wagemann had an idea. What she needed were ideas on how to make it happen. She’s the founder of Spinning Speakers, a Lansing-based startup that hopes to make hula hoops with Bluetooth speakers built into the tube. Helping her move the concept toward becoming a tangible product were the folks at Lansing Economic Area […]


Most people may see a high-rise eyesore when looking at downtown Lansing’s vacant Oliver Towers, but the Eyde family saw something more: potential and rebirth. “I think what we saw was something that could have been, or should have been, and will be an asset to the city that had been sitting [around] majorly unused,” […]

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