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‘We Have the Technology’: Lansing’s Advancements in Medicine

Say you’re at a cocktail party and your particular clique lands on the topic of “cutting-edge medical technology.” Off the top of your head, what would come to mind? Sleek bionic limbs? Lasers?  While all of these have their roots in the real-life bleeding edge of medical technology, more often than not simple connectivity is […]

Holt Realizes its Potential

Cedar Street gets a community-minded upgrade It is no secret that in the absence of urban planning, infrastructure inevitably mutates into a Frankensteinian hodge podge to the detriment of local economies nationwide. Without a requisite timeout to evaluate and reorganize consumer corridors, local shopping sectors can turn into a tangled mess for the pedestrians who […]

Sign of the Times

Michigan’s capital city has always been a lively one, and it has only gotten more colorful in recent years. A healthy dose of diversification in Lansing’s infrastructure portfolio has given the local economy a huge boost, drawing in crowds that stray far from just the city’s government, education and automotive roots. From insurance agencies to […]

Advicoach Business Spotlight

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