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Holt Realizes its Potential

Cedar Street gets a community-minded upgrade It is no secret that in the absence of urban planning, infrastructure inevitably mutates into a Frankensteinian hodge podge to the detriment of local economies nationwide. Without a requisite timeout to evaluate and reorganize consumer corridors, local shopping sectors can turn into a tangled mess for the pedestrians who […]

Sign of the Times

Michigan’s capital city has always been a lively one, and it has only gotten more colorful in recent years. A healthy dose of diversification in Lansing’s infrastructure portfolio has given the local economy a huge boost, drawing in crowds that stray far from just the city’s government, education and automotive roots. From insurance agencies to […]

Flipping the Bird: The Ethics of a Disruptive New Business

It is Sept. 18, give or take 10 days after Bird Rides Inc. launched its electric scooter-sharing app on Michigan State University’s campus and the East Lansing neighborhoods that saddle it. A well-suited Bird representative has just finished rattling off some impressive numbers (600 rides a day) and noble company values and is about to […]

Sit Back and Relax: Delivery in the Digital Age

When it comes to what one can have brought straight to his or her doorstep, the 2019 consumer is spoiled silly. While extravagant delivered goods are certainly nothing new (in the 1920s any American citizen with $225 and a stamp could have a Thomson submachine gun delivered to his or her stoop), it wasn’t until […]

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