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GEN Z Gets to Work: a Look at Lansing’s Newest Workforce

While the oldest members of Generation Alpha – the children of millennials – are clamoring at the thoughts of what double digits have in store for them, the eldest of the previous generation are finding a new lease on life in Michigan’s bustling job market. The cusp of Generation Z turns 25 this January, and […]

Friendly Neighborhood Merchants – A Reason to Shop Local

In 1888, just shy of an exciting new century, Americans were introduced to Sears’ seminal catalog. The humble packet of mailable papers would go on to flip consumerism on its head by making mail-ordered goods accessible to the masses. It was a new era; anyone with an address was no longer confined to a manageable […]

The Circle Game: The Ups and Downs of HyperConnectivity

Mobile computing is one of the most influential phenomena to hit the average consumer. It increased the efficiency of workflow across almost every profession, drastically affected how information is spread and permanently changed how society interacts with one another. Smartphones and all of their miraculous features also are a perfect way to waste spare seconds […]

The Hype and Hesitations of 5G

Will a promising new generation of networks catch on in Lansing? The jump to 5G has been nearly a decade in the making, reaching its crescendo this year as it makes its widespread deployment in the coming months. The fifth generation of cellular network technology has been the toast of the town for a while […]

The Bullish Cyberpurse

The ups and downs of bitcoin and how it can change Lansing Few things in this world evoke more contrasting emotions as the mere concept of cryptocurrencies. Some fear currencies like bitcoin; others can’t get enough of them. Some see them as the future of business and commerce; others view them as little more than […]

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