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Flipping the Bird: The Ethics of a Disruptive New Business

It is Sept. 18, give or take 10 days after Bird Rides Inc. launched its electric scooter-sharing app on Michigan State University’s campus and the East Lansing neighborhoods that saddle it. A well-suited Bird representative has just finished rattling off some impressive numbers (600 rides a day) and noble company values and is about to […]

Sit Back and Relax: Delivery in the Digital Age

When it comes to what one can have brought straight to his or her doorstep, the 2019 consumer is spoiled silly. While extravagant delivered goods are certainly nothing new (in the 1920s any American citizen with $225 and a stamp could have a Thomson submachine gun delivered to his or her stoop), it wasn’t until […]

Rules of the Road: Staying Safe While Ride-Sharing on Business

In 2011, SideCar – a peer-to-peer ride-sharing company and the first of its kind – was launched. In subsequent years, this new business model exploded, and today one would be hard-pressed to find a city where it’s impossible to quickly arrange a ride in a stranger’s car. The initial boom produced dozens of zippy-named startups, […]

Food Forward

The Potent Potables Project is the culinary microverse founded and tended to by restaurateur Sam Short and his team. Short and team set a precedent for leading Lansing’s relatively young restaurant/bar scene into the zany, ever-changing consumer landscape. “When my wife and I moved here, we found that there wasn’t a whole lot of accessible […]

Toner-Free: The Hyper-abridged Guide to 3D Printing for Business

It’s something exciting and new, and loads of small- and large-scale businesses alike are scooping up dauntingly innovative contraptions that turn the conceptual into the tangible with the tap of a few keys. From prototyping to manufacturing 3D printing is instantaneously putting functional products in the hands of the people that design them, a practice […]

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