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Performance evaluations are important for both manager and employee

While some don’t need daily, weekly or even monthly kudos for a job well done, all staff deserve a yearly performance review. This benefits the employee in a multitude of ways, including inspiring them to reach new goals, improving the quality of their work and honoring the work they have done. For the manager/owner, the […]

Sick staff – should they stay, or should they go?

Michigan’s Paid Medical Leave Act went into effect in April, giving employees one hour for every 30 hours worked or 40 hours per year. That law applies to workplaces with 50 or more employees, including full-time and some part-time staff. While there are some exemptions, employees can take paid leave for physical or mental illness, […]

Finishing life’s marathon with a plan

Marathon runners set a pre-determined goal – 26.22 miles – so they know how to prepare for a race and where it ends. A new e-book written by Foster-Swift attorney Jonathan J. David, “Estate Planning: You Have to Start in Order to Finish,” outlines the value of a comprehensive estate plan and why it is important […]

Your next business venture starts with CMU’s MET

The Master of Entrepreneurial Transactions at Central Michigan University is for those who live and breathe business. Whether you want to start your own business or grow the one you currently work at, you can learn skills needed to do both. This unique program blends classroom learning with real-world experiences. Courses are taught by experts […]

Summit coming for administrative professionals

Times have changed. With new technology and a faster-paced work environment than ever, administrative professionals have had to adapt – quickly and constantly. The 2019 Administrative Professionals Leadership Summit offers solutions to help navigate the ever-changing roles of the administrative professionals of today. The fast-paced event is packed with information that will help those in […]

GLCVB, Sports Authority Announces Increased Demand in Area

The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau (GLCVB) announced good news for the local economy at its annual meeting in March, as well as recognizing numerous individuals with awards for their vision, dedication and loyalty to the region. The good news? The region reported a strong 62.8 percent occupancy rate 2018. According to Smith Travel […]

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