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Wasted time on needless emails and information

For most employees, time is of the essence when fighting deadlines and expectations. That’s why it is important to have time-management skills that help employees efficiently manage their duties. A recent study by the OTRS Group says employees spend a large part of their working day on administrative activities without being able to fully devote […]


Ask Eli Broad College of Business associate professor Anjana Susarla what she thinks of social media and she’ll give you not just a short answer, but a conversation on what she calls social media’s Wild West days of anything-goes content and why it may be nearing its end. Susarla wrote an essay last month that […]


The Michigan Chamber of Commerce represents businesses of every size and type in every county in Michigan. The chamber has issued the statement in response to the Oct. 3 announcement by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and Enbridge to further protect the water quality of the Great Lakes and replace Line 5, the oil and gas pipeline that crosses the […]

This Just In … Local News Changes Time Slots, Faces

Television news has always had a scheduled time that viewers could expect a recap of the events of the day. In the “old days,” we could sit down after dinner to the local news followed by nightly national news leading right into our favorite 8 p.m. sitcoms. But as generations age and the world evolves, […]

Australia and Michigan Sign Transportation Agreement

With connected and intelligent transportation systems functioning in a global market, it is critical to have cooperation between nations and states to face the issues that apply to connected and self-driving vehicles. Gov. Rick Snyder and Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister Andrew Broad of Australia held a ceremonial signing to collaborate on high-tech […]

Manufacturing Week: Celebrating Manufacturing in Michigan

Through the entire week, many North Americans have been celebrating Manufacturing Week. While it might not be the top holiday on your calendar, we have good reason to honor this week here in Michigan. From automotive to information technologies to pharmaceutical industries, few other states reflect the proud history and promise of the commercial processes […]

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