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Kristopher Johnson

Kristopher Johnson

Kristopher Johnson is a Communications Specialist at M3 Group who earned his bachelor’s degree at Michigan State University in 2015. While currently residing in Lansing, Kristopher will always be a native of Detroit. He enjoys volunteering, listening to others and musing over contrasting insights. He is also fond of writing, keeping up with politics and watching too many story-driven anime.

Evolving Lansing’s Parks to Meet the Needs of Residents

Leisure time activities, the preservation and maintenance of parklands, special facilities that would otherwise not be made available: At the Lansing Parks and Recreation Department, quality of life for residents is the name of the game; however, those goals are not built upon and improved – nor are they accomplished – in isolation. When the […]

BUSINESS OF THE YEAR: Taking the Leap and Seeing It Through

When considering the recipient of the Business of the Year in the Greater Lansing area, judges search for a company that’s roots go deeper than simple economic success or profit margins. Entrepreneurship is most recognized in the ability to overcome what seems impossible, to develop accomplishments with tenacity and purpose. Mayberry Homes was named Business […]

Schor Enough: Lansing’s Time is Now

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor moves forward with the agenda he campaigned on: an agenda that brings everyone in Michigan’s capital forward, together. It’s hard to miss the bustling David Hollister City Hall in downtown Lansing, but venture into the building far enough and you’ll find a refreshing nest of political movement. As the elevator opens […]

Michigan: Defender of Cyber Assets

From legislative initiatives to local businesses, all hands are on deck across the state. Internet-based technology is infused with almost every aspect of the modern economy: ordering food and shopping online, or swiping a debit card as opposed to using cash. As these technological ties entrench themselves even further into our lives in new and […]

Corporate Responsibility

All throughout Michigan and especially in Greater Lansing, you can see the sense of community created by the people within it, from simple acts of kindness to providing support during the toughest economic or socially-charged times. This is especially true through gift-giving to causes that help those who need it most. That need for community […]

Advicoach Business Spotlight

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