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MDHHS overhauling tracking of state’s child welfare system

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is taking the first major step in overhauling its technology to better serve children and families and provide reliable data to track the performance of the state’s child welfare system. The department recently announced it is seeking bids for the first phase of replacing its child welfare […]

Governor Calls for Federal Investment in State

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sent a letter to President Donald Trump on Dec. 17 highlighting the need for consistent federal action for a new lock in Sault Ste. Marie, the allocation of an F-35 Lightning II at Selfridge Air National Guard Base and the critical issues impacting the Great Lakes. “As governor, the peace and prosperity […]

Arts Council Announces 2019 Applause Award Recipients

The Arts Council of Greater Lansing recently announced its 2019 Applause Award winners. The Arts Council has presented its Applause Awards for the past 35 years, growing the program from two awards to now honoring up to seven awardees each year. This year’s recipients were recognized at the Arts Council’s 40th annual Holiday Glitter event, […]

Resumes Gone Wrong: First-impression Faceplants

“Embellishment” is a much more palatable word than “lie.” It almost sounds innocently mischievous, like something a rapscallion or scamp would do; whereas a lie sounds like it is a much more fiendish endeavor that falls in the unsavory territory of cons, cheats and downright scoundrels. Unfortunately, a stunningly large number of job applicants would […]

Conference Call Confidential: Bad Behavior Exposed!

By Christopher Nagy There was a time when someone struggling through an overwhelming or overwhelmingly monotonous situation might have thrown his or her hands to the heavens and desperately pleaded to be whisked to safety and blissful comfort by Calgon. In the digital world of today, the slogan of the bath product has likely been […]

Confessions of the Road Warrior

By Christopher Nagy I like to think that I’m a well-reasoned and relatively calm and considerate individual. However, I never fully realized how many lunatics are out there until I started commuting to work. A brief explanation: For roughly two decades, I worked approximately three blocks from my office. I typically drove into work every […]

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