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Make Your Time Work for You

Small-business owners live and die by the expression often credited to Benjamin Franklin that “time is money.” Poor time management can cost a business a significant amount of money. On the flip side, when time is managed properly, more focus is given to important projects, more can be done in the workday and more money […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Employers

Empowering your workforce to help ensure your talent pool runs deep should be the New Year’s resolution for every business owner; however, that’s a rather large – not to mention vague – hurdle to overcome. Instead, we’ve broken it down into bite-size resolutions for employers to consider in 2019. These are all very realistic and […]

Let Common Sense be the Theme of Your Office Holiday Party

It’s that time of year: Work is winding down, annual projects and reports are coming to a close, and there is a more relaxed and casual atmosphere around the office as the holidays approach. With the holiday season comes the traditional office holiday gathering – that special time at the tail end of each year […]

The mistake of multitasking

With so many plates to keep spinning at once, there are occasions when you feel that the job title on your business card should read “circus performer.” However, studies have shown that multitasking doesn’t work. In fact, doing multiple tasks at once can have a detriment on productivity, according to the American Psychological Association. “Multitasking […]

The Importance of OSHA: Making the workday safe for employees

What’s the best part of the workday? The end of it. It’s an old joke; however, the sole mission of one government agency is to help ensure that when the end of the workday comes, you and your co-workers are safe and healthy when you’re clocking out and ready to head home. The Occupational Safety […]

Catching more flies in your website

Oh, what a tangled web we weave … Let’s face it, the web can be a knotted mess of noise, confusion and cacophony, so how do you make your business stand out among so many distractions? While your brick-and-mortar business provides the door to the street, your business website provides the door to the world. […]

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