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Allison Spooner

Allison Spooner

Allison Spooner is a writer, storyteller, copywriter, marketing content creator and communicator. She uses her communication and creative writing skills to articulate the stories and messages that businesses can't express themselves. She has been telling the stories of businesses across the state of Michigan for 10 years. You can find both her professional and her creative writing on her website, and follow her musings on Twitter @allyspoon

What’s the Secret to a Lasting Lansing Restaurant

The owners of Saddleback BBQ in Old Town –  and now Okemos –  know how hard it can be to open to open a restaurant in Lansing. In fact, when Travis Stoliker and Matt Gillett opened Saddleback in REO Town in June 2015, they weren’t sure it would work out.  “There was a little bit […]

Reaching Generation Z: Many Businesses are Rethinking Social Media

After years of focusing on millennials, it’s time for businesses to turn their attention to the newest kids on the block, Generation Z. Born between the years 1995 and 2015, they’re between 2 and 23 years old and there’s nearly 74 million of them in the United States. While the 2-year-olds aren’t doing much buying, […]

What if? The Constant Question Behind Technology

tinkrLAB creates a space to ask questions and pursue innovation When Melissa Rabideau first started a business, she sold an innovative product geared toward solving a problem for a favorite furry friend. The Poochie Bowl is a uniquely shaped bowl that helps long-eared dogs keep them dry while drinking. But, like every good entrepreneur, she […]

Is the Netflix binge coming to a close?

Who doesn’t love a good Netflix binge? From “Stranger Things” to “Orange is the New Black” and “The Crown,” there’s something for everyone from the world’s largest internet entertainment provider. Users certainly aren’t worried about the future of streaming as more and more people cut the cable cord and flock to streaming services like Netflix. […]

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