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Adam Lansdell

Adam Lansdell

Adam Lansdell is a Grand Valley State University alumnus, and currently a Communications Specialist with M3 Group of Lansing. With a passion for all things creative it comes as no surprise that he’s also a musician, movie buff and graphic designer. Adam spends his down time biking, and spending too much of his personal income on concert tickets or vinyl records.

Support the Local Economy Amidst Coronavirus

Buying local is more important than ever. Right now, you or someone you know is likely being directly affected by the coronavirus pandemic as result of business closures and operating limitations.  Business and their employees are doing what they can to keep the lights on ensure they’re here to stay when all is back to […]

Your Commercial Real Estate Checklist

A guide to due diligence for businesses on the move   If you’re a business owner, you’re certain to encounter one or both of the following milestones: selecting your business’s first commercial location and deciding where to transition once you’ve outgrown your existing space. One is a hopeful sign of the amazing things to come […]

Crafting a Resume that Speaks to Employers

Content could make your career and success is in the details By Adam Lansdell Getting hired is a game of inches, and one small detail may separate you from the competition. A resume, and likely your included cover letter, are your first impression and every minor detail is integral. Whether you’re just embarking on your […]

Should you upgrade?

The latest iPhone is here. Is it time to step up your mobile device? Year in and year out, tech companies submit their bids for the most FOMO-inducing phone on the market. Be it the annual offering from Apple, which recently unveiled its latest iPhone 11 lineup, or competitors like Google, which will soon launch […]

Summer Starts with Something to Sip On

Margarita Fest signals the beginning warm vibes and good times for Lansing A favorite cocktail festival will mark the start to another exciting summer in Lansing. Presented by the Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority (LEPFA) and City Pulse, the 2nd Annual Margarita Fest will transform the Lansing Center’s Riverfront Plaza on May 31 into […]

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