Auto-Owners Insurance: A Commitment to Outstanding Service

To be in business for any length of time requires some good fortune, but as the old saying goes, “Luck is the residue of design.”

Auto-Owners Insurance has been in business for nearly 101 years, and the reasons for our success date back to the company’s formative days by our founder, Vern Moulton. At the heart of our mission is the commitment to serve our policyholders.

“Auto-Owners was founded and still operates on the principle of fast, fair service,” wrote Moulton in 1957. “Our existence is for no other reason than to deal with the public – our policyholders – promptly and equitably.”

To provide the service we believe our policyholders need and deserve, Auto-Owners has relied exclusively on independent agents to market and sell our products. These are the people you know, and they know you. They are business owners in your local communities who provide much value through their knowledge, advice, service and a variety of companies they represent.

That’s what makes them a good fit to solve your insurance needs. Much like you, they too are entrepreneurs and know that it takes and the types of risks you need to protect in today’s business climate.

There are many common threads besides insurance that have bound Auto-Owners and its independent agents all these years. Here are some of them:

Building strong relationships. As retired Auto-Owners Chairman & CEO Roger Looyenga often says, “People do business with people they know, like, trust and respect.”

Each agency has a reputation and is building a legacy within their respective community. Many in the community know it. In this business, much of the new business comes from the referrals given — generated by each agency’s legacy and reputation.

Providing your customers with the best product. Sure, price is important; you have to be in the ballpark to play. However, customers want to know they are taken care of. They want peace of mind and security. How does one put a price tag on this?

Nobody does it better than the independent agent. They provide the best business support with some of the best and strongest insurance carriers in the industry. It’s easy to get too wrapped up on price and not focus on overall quality, comfort and peace of mind. All business owners need to sell themselves and their overall value, not just price!

Being the go-to insurance/risk management adviser in your community. A true insurance agent treats the job as a profession. A profession has all the same attributes of a job, but also includes extended training and formal qualifications like knowledge, skills and abilities that develop over time.

It takes effort to be a professional, but the rewards far outweigh the energy it takes to expand our knowledge, skills and abilities. There is nothing like a customer telling you after a claim that they are glad they bought the insurance coverage they were advised.

Like Auto-Owners, most businesses are built upon the legacy of service and how well they take care of their clients. Do you provide a full range of services? Do you handle all of your customers’ needs? Are you involved in your community and business associations? Do you meet with your customers regularly? Do you interact on a regular basis with your customers?

These are traits that are the glue that binds us all together as successful businesses. If you answered “yes” to the questions in the preceding paragraph — or the bulleted items listed before — congratulations! Your business is likely thriving.

Auto-Owners Insurance has succeeded since 1916 because we and the independent agents who represent us, continue to focus on our main mission: providing outstanding service to our customers. This is the foundation of every successful business.



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