The Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Award judges are a critical part of making each year’s event a success. Together they spend hours reviewing nominee submissions and pouring over information to pinpoint entrepreneurs that are positivity impacting the community. Narrowing down the field to just five winners is never an easy task. Bruce Dunn of Maner Costerisan, shares his perspective on this year’s honorees, past winners and what makes this event, and the community that supports it, so unique.

What do you think about the nominees and past winners of the Entrepreneurial Awards?

The past award winners are the best of the best our area has seen. The current winners are another exceptional group of winners. Time will tell about our emerging winners the past few years, but I am excited to see where they are in the future. 

What advice do you have for future nominees? 

If you have a great story we want to hear about it. As a rule of thumb start thinking about submitting once sales have exceeded $100,000 for a couple or more years. Spend time addressing all areas of the application. 

How does you company support local entrepreneurs? 

Maner Costerisan has a special department that works exclusively with startup and established entrepreneurs. 

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs? 

Work with a CPA and attorney early on to develop a business plan. Don’t’ give up on your dream, it is not always easy.

Why is Lansing such a great place for entrepreneurs? 

Great employees, great business environment and wonderful support for startup entities.

GLBM would like to extend a special thank you to this year’s judging panel for their hard work and dedication to this event and the greater Lansing community. Nominations for the 2018 Great Lansing Entrepreneurial Awards are already open and any local entrepreneur can be nominated. Submit your nomination today at GLBMAwards.com



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