Behind the Scenes: Tom Mee

You started your career in Royal Oak, have experience in the metro Detroit markets and now have been in Lansing since 2012. How would you describe the capacity and capability of Lansing’s health care options, including McLaren, to its roughly 114,000 people? I worked in the metro Detroit health care market beginning with my bedside […]

Gender Inequality in the Workforce

Twenty cents. Said aloud, this amount of money seems meager and unimportant. But that’s the common discrepancy in a dollar between the hourly pay of the average American woman and average American man. Imagine this two dime difference: not even a handful of change. It’s not a staggering number at first glance. With a broader […]

Lansing businesses can get assistance via economic development tools

Lansing is a thriving city, the capital of our great state of Michigan. Michigan’s central location puts it in a very strategic location for businesses to serve both Canadian and U.S. customers. Something that is helping to maintain this growth are economic development tools and other incentives that are available for help. One of those […]

Visual Breakdown: The Evolution of Health Care

Each month the GLBM team takes a trending news topic and breaks it down visually. This breakdown helps to better explain the content and gives insight into the intricacies and details of news that affects our community. This month’s topic: The Evolution of Health Care