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Refugees in Lansing area made positive impact on economy

While there are some misconceptions surrounding the impact of refugees on Greater Lansing’s economy, the results have been positive; a recent study conducted by Global Detroit and the University of Michigan School of Public Policy found that over the past decade, refugee resettlement has contributed $230-295 million to southeastern Michigan’s economy. The report also noted […]

2018 Strategized

It’s normal to contemplate a strategy for your business this time of year. Amidst the fanfare of welcoming 2018 and further review of your current strategy, you’ve probably thought about the business trends that may impact your organization. After reading several articles, I’ve identified a few areas that seem particularly interesting to consider. Workplace evolution: […]


Lansing Community College (LCC), has made some exciting changes to campus. The project has several goals including wayfinding. Wayfinding helps visitors to campus and students connect to the destinations and events that make LCC unique. The college has brought three new additions to campus this week to help light the way. For example, the new […]

Visual Breakdown November 2017

Each month the GLBM team takes a trending news topic and breaks it down visually. This breakdown helps to better explain the content and gives insight into the intricacies and details of news that affects our community. This month’s topic: Family-Based Companies

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